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(…Take my advice and read every single word on this page – you won’t believe how easy it will be!)

Mr Landscaper…

What if: 

– Your business was completely booked for the next 3 months?

– You could pick and choose the projects that you wanted to work on (say no to those small paying jobs)?

– You could easily raise your prices by 25% instantly?

– Your children could boast to their friends, “My dad earns more money than a doctor or dentist”, and it was 100% true? 
The good news is that IT’S ALL POSSIBLE
(Keep reading and by the end of this page you’ll understand exactly how!) 

Hi. My name is Carlo Cretaro and I make websites that generate a lot of money for landscapers just like you. 

Using my marketing and website ninja skills, I make landscapers a trailer load of money.

Here’s an example:

The website above – – generates between 100 and 150 phone calls and an additional 15 – 30 emails each month for my client, Robert who’s a landscaper in Las Vegas! 

Here’s the proof:

This is on top of all the other business that he generates for himself with his own website.
It’s no wonder that he refers to me as one of his “best friends” 🙂 

The crazy thing is that he had a website that wasn’t generating him much income at all.

He was getting customers just by referrals, but he was never finding “new” customers. 

Why did his website that he had for all these years not generate much income for him you may be wondering?

These web designers do a great job, no doubt about it, but they focus on making a website look pretty. 

That’s their job!

However, they don’t understand things like sales, copywriting or understanding what Google needs the website to include in order to increase its visibility.

Now let’s get one thing clear here, I’m not a web designer by any means. I’m not one of these big massive agencies either – like that one that rhymes with “zelp”.

I also don’t spend my days randomly cold calling every business owner under the sun talking about how “I can get ya ranked in Google”. 

Nope, that’s not me! 

I’m just an easy going guy from Ireland who learned a lot from my Italian father and Irish mother and applied it to online marketing.

I’m completely self-made, self-taught and I’ve got a record of helping landscapers blow-up their businesses.

So, what’s my secret sauce?  

I Create Custom Lead Generation websites aka (Smart Websites) That Skillfully Pop Up Wherever Your Potential Customers Are Searching On The Internet

Whenever someone searches for landscaping related phrases in your city, like “best landscaper” etc, then BOOM – guess who’s website shows up right under their nose (ahem….finger)?

I make sure they know why you’re the obvious choice for a landscaping company to use in your area and I give them an easy reason to either give you a call or send an email to you straight away.

This creates an easy “snowball” effect for your business and it increases in speed and size as time goes by.

Due to the fact that I only work with one landscaper per city and I do absolutely everything myself while sparing no expense; and I know the little ins and outs of your industry very well, I can get you from zero to hero in a matter of weeks.
Just ask Robert. As a direct result from my lead generation website, he’s now:

→   Teamed up with another landscaper to split up the leads I’m generating for him

→  Charging extra for his work

→  Saying no to those menial small jobs and “hard-to-please” customers

→   On track to have his biggest year to date

But there’s More…

With tonnes more freedom and way less stress, Robert is able to enjoy date nights with his lovely girlfriend, go on a mini vacation to Cancun, Mexico a couple of times a year and do the daily things in life that he’s wanted to do for a long time. 
I’m not taking all this credit by the way…

Robert is a great guy. A hard-worker who built his portfolio of recurring clients from the ground up. 

His customers love him and vice versa. 
I refer to him as the “Lebron James” of landscaping in Vegas.

So combining that with my internet skills, you could say we’re an All-Star team. 🙂 

Ok, so why am I telling you all of this information?

Because I’m Ready To Partner Up With My Next All-Star.

Are You Ready?

I’m going to be replicating the process, like what I did for Robert and many other landscapers, only this time in your city.


And you didn’t just land on this page by accident either. I hand picked and invited you to check out this site, because going by what I’ve seen, I think you’d be good fit.


Whoever I team up with better be ready for a major overhaul – not only in their landscaping business but also in other aspects of their life too.


Whoever I team up with must be ready to take on large-scale projects.

They must be ready to do some real business. Press the play button below and listen to a recording of a recent call that Robert received. 

And, in addition to all of that, you, just like Robert, will be able to do all of the following;


Realize the true potential of your landscaping business by fully utilizing the power of being “found” online

Get rid of your useless web guy and immediately stop bleeding money on ancient advertising channels from the good ol’ 1990’s
Say good luck to those slow times of the year
Increase your prices and cherry pick those juicy deals while leaving your competitors down the road to fight over your scraps

Get your calendar booked up for weeks and months in advance

Hire more help in order to grow your business where you get to “replace” yourself and enjoy things from the side-line
Wake up each and every morning with a sense of calm, zero stress and a smile on your face

It’s all possible buddy!

That’s the American dream right there, thanks to your landscaping biz and my ninja internet skills serving you up customers on a plate.

Whatcha say? Are you in?

I Need An Answer ASAP

Here’s the reason why;

I’m going to be making my final decision on who I’m going to be working with in your city very soon. 

I hope that’s you, but if not then I’ll just continue down my list of potential landscapers.

Surely there’s a landscaper that has BIG goals and aspirations somewhere in your city who’s itching to dominate his space and balloon his bank account as well.

For obvious reasons, I can only work with just 1 company. It makes no sense to have more than 1 client in the same city competing against each other.

I don’t work like that – as I want to achieve explosive growth in each and every city I step foot in.

Whoever is with me on this can expect to have a stranglehold on all things landscaping as soon as I “Press GO”

This is your one time to claim the sole spot that I have available in your city before I offer it to your competitor.

Ready to jump on board?

Either way, I wish you the best of luck in your business. In saying that, luck won’t come into the equation if you’ve got me fighting in your corner so let’s hope you’ve made the right decision.


Carlo Cretaro,

The landscaping leads guy

P.S. Here’s a photo my other half (ahem…better half) Florence and I – just so as you know I’m a human. 🙂
P.P.S – If I don’t set your landscaping business on fire then you don’t pay a cent. So there’s really nothing to lose.

The way I work is that if I don’t make you money, then I don’t deserve to get paid. Simple as that.

But I am making my decision soon, so please contact me asap!